Total Homes provides a house clean and clear service with a difference, we aim to ensure 80% of all the goods we collect are recycled, upcycled or reused.


We’ll help you get your properties ready to market to new tenants, whilst meeting your environmental corporate responsibilities.

Our promises:

  • A comprehensive service for both cleaning and clearing
  • A quick, efficient and quality clear and clean service
  • Service completed within 2 working days of receiving your call
  • Information on the environmental benefits of choosing Total Homes
  • Support you to meet your environmental corporate responsibilities by saving co2 emissions

Please call 0141 556 7085 to discuss prices or email  for our price lists.

Services Include but are not limited to:

  • Small and Large Items Uplift
  • Valet Services
  • Deep Cleans
  • Carpet Cleans
  • Bag and Tags

Please note all services come with compulsory needle sweep. 

Clearing Services

Total Homes can uplift any amount of furniture and household items including kitchen utensils and white goods. Our team is fully equipped and in line with all company policy and procedures. 

Cleaning Services

Total Homes can provide valets as well as deep cleans, completed to a high standard, ready for a new tenant to move into the property.

Total Homes Co-operative are happy to take on additional labour in properties as and when required including garage and garden clearing. 

Furnish Your Home

You can buy furniture or household items for your own home that we’ve collected and upcycled at ReConnect Glasgow, 90 Camlachie St, G31 4AD.

We provide deals for housing associations and landlords through our founding member organisations to refurbish properties, though ReConnect and 2ndOpportunities. Contact us to find out more.